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Successful contracts. Faster processes.

Concord automates the last manual business process–contracts. Streamline how you buy and sell together with the contract success platform.  

Until now, the faster you moved the more your compliance was at risk. And when it came time to reconcile the two, growth suffered.Concord removes the compliance friction that slows you down. It speeds up your processes making you more agile, and able to scale faster and more sustainably

TechGC Member Customers

We recently started using Concord. It has a very user friendly interface and tagging to track the status of contracts.

— -Kiran Lingam, General Counsel, Google

We also implemented Concord earlier this year, and I would recommend it. It offers the functionality that you’re looking for and is pretty simple to use. It was also one of the cheapest options that I found.
— Greg Raiten, General Counsel, Firstmark Capital

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