Highlights from the 2017 TechGC National Summit

Highlights from the 2017 TechGC National Summit

Over 200 General Counsels attended the 2017 TechGC National Summit, TechGC’s annual gathering of startup and venture capital GCs from across the country for a full day of GC-to-GC learning and networking. Held on October 27th at the New York Stock Exchange, attendees shared best practices and exchanged ideas around the legal challenges of operating in a hypergrowth environment.

TechGC Job of the Month: GC @ Foundry Group (Transcript of Call with Jason Mendelson)

TechGC Job of the Month: GC @ Foundry Group (Transcript of Call with Jason Mendelson)

Below is the transcript of a call between Kiran Lingam, Co-Chair of TechGC and Jason Mendelson, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Foundry Group about the General Counsel role at Foundry Group:

Kiran Lingam:  Welcome, TechGC members, to our November job of the month call. As you all know, we have a lot of job activity in our community, both in terms of incoming opportunities and high quality GC candidates. We decided that it might make sense to select one compelling GC job each month to spend a little bit more time on it to hopefully make some direct and curated connections. Today, we’re excited to welcome Jason Mendelson, co-founder and managing director of Foundry Group, to talk about their recently opened general counsel role. We thought this was a compelling opportunity for a few reasons:

Insurance 101 for Tech Companies

Insurance has a critical role in any tech company, whether it’s a start-up, securing seed money, or pathing toward an IPO or acquisition.  Companies should keep in mind that their insurance needs will change and grow throughout that life cycle; therefore, those needs should be evaluated on a regular basis.

The Start-Up Stage.  Most start-ups begin with a “business owners policy” (“BOP”), which covers bodily injury, property damage, and certain advertising and personal injuries.  If the company has any employees, it must also purchase workers compensation coverage, which is required by law.    These policies generally do not entail a significant premium investment and provide “basic needs” coverage.

2016 Year In Review

2016 INfograph.001-2.jpg

2nd Annual Full Stack GC Conference, New York

What is a full stack GC? Like a full stack engineer, the full stack GC faces a multitude of diverse issues that require a full skill set. Faced with this challenge, our annual conference aimed to provide practical guidance for those of us aspiring to be the “full stack GC.” 

We had over 90 GCs (100% attendance), and top-notch speakers, including Erin Abrams (VP of Legal Affairs, Via), Jennifer Berrent (General Counsel, WeWork), Brian Chase (General Counsel, ServiceChannel), Kathryn Ciano (Senior Regulatory Counsel, Uber), Tonio DeSorrento (CEO, Vemo Education), Sarah Feingold (General Counsel, Vroom), Adam Greenberg (Lead Counsel, Warby Parker), Caroline McCaffrey (General Counsel, Clarifai), David Pashman (General Counsel, Meetup), Michal Rosenn (General Counsel, Kickstarter), Michael Yang (General Counsel, Pinterest) and Michael Zuckert (General Counsel, SVB Financial Group).

Summer Dinner and CLE at Rich Table SF

TechGC hosted a private dinner at Rich Table in San Francisco for over 40 GCs in the Bay Area. The discussion — “Identifying and Managing Governance Conflicts in Venture-backed Companies” — covered timely issues related to down-rounds/distressed M&A and informational and internal conflicts.

Other Events in 2016


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