Highlights from the 2017 TechGC National Summit

"Optimizing Legal in a Hypergrowth Environment"

Over 200 General Counsels attended the 2017 TechGC National Summit—TechGC’s annual gathering of startup and venture capital GCs from across the country—for a full day of GC-to-GC learning and networking. Held on October 27th at the New York Stock Exchange, attendees shared best practices and exchanged ideas around the legal challenges of operating in a hypergrowth environment. Check out the highlights below: 

Keynote: Performance Agility - Scaling for Growth
Jennifer Berrent, COO & Former General Counsel, WeWork
John Reid-Dodick, Chief People Officer, WeWork


Mock GC Cybersecurity Presentation to the Board
Alexander Labowitz, General Counsel, Cadre
Randy Sabett, Special Counsel, Cooley
Caroline McCaffery, General Counsel, Clarifai, Inc.


Every Penny Counts: Optimizing Outside Counsel and Legal Budget
Kristin Sverchek, General Counsel, Lyft


Advancing Diversity in Startups and Venture Capital
Kristine Di Bacco, Partner, Fenwick & West
Nithya Das, Chief People and Legal Officer, AppNexus
Beth Ferreira, Managing Partner, WME Ventures
Brian O'Kelley, CEO, AppNexus


The 7 Year Itch: Challenges of Delaying an Exit
Ward Breeze, Partner, Gunderson Dettmer
Michal Rosenn, General Counsel, Kickstarter
Paul Sieminski, General Counsel, Automattic
Joaquin Gamboa, Chief Legal Officer, Zocdoc


Which Fires to Put Out; Which to Let Burn
Stephanie King, General Counsel, AdRoll


Self-Preservation: Practical Steps to Minimize Personal Risk as GC
René Paula, General Counsel, ZX Ventures


Opening Bell, Exhibition Hall, Networking Lounge, and Roundtables

"I made the comment to our CEO this evening that the conference may have been better and provided me with as much substantive material than the 16 years of combined legal conferences I attended prior to today and I do not think that is an understatement. It was an amazing program from start to finish."
- Richard Holmes, General Counsel, MapAnything

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