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Where Agreements Happen

Concord is the radically simple contract management solution that’s built for everyone, across every type of organization, empowering people to agree more. Concord is the only platform to truly deliver one place to do every contract-related action, from creating and negotiating, to signing, and managing post-execution, for every type of agreement. Concord helps teams drive more impact across the organization by getting agreements faster, ensuring compliance, reducing cost, and increasing efficiency. Concord is more than a contract management platform, it’s a contract success platform. Concord is contract management how it should be—easy.

TechGC Member Alon Rotem (General Counsel at thredUP) talks about how his organization was able to increase compliance and work faster with Concord. Message Alon Here

TechGC Member Customers

Concord has saved us a lot of time, which has freed us up to do our day jobs: everything else that we need to do as a department. I would describe Concord as a very intuitive, flexible system, that handles all you need from a Legal perspective—it’s a one-stop shop.
— Shane Mulrooney, General Counsel, Home Chef

Contract Management Evaluation Kit

The single most important resource you can download when purchasing contract management software to guarantee you get the best contract management solution for your needs. Identify the right solution with the Buyers Guide to Contract Management. Assess with Contract Management Evaluation ToolKit, including hands-on worksheets, a total cost of ownership calculator, and a business case builder. Measure with the ROI Calculator to identify potential savings and revenue generated.


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