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Liquidity Solutions for Tech Companies

Founded in 2013, EquityZen’s ( mission is to help private companies and their shareholders manage liquidity issues. As companies are able to stay private longer, managing liquidity is an ever-growing challenge. We get it—a GC’s plate is full and shareholder liquidity can be a necessary burden. We’ve made it easy with an issuer-friendly structure, professional team, and technology to automate almost all of the process. To date, we’ve worked with 100+ unique companies to deliver liquidity to 650+ shareholders. We can help manage one-off transactions as well as coordinated liquidity programs, and work with many companies on an on-going basis.  EquityZen’s investors include Tim Draper (Draper Associates), 500 Startups, and WorldQuant Ventures.

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EquityZen was a pleasure to work with on the company side. Their platform is smooth and they helped make a difficult process easy and painless.
— Ben Alden, SVP & General Counsel, Betterment

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0.1% - 0.5% reduced transaction fees (up to $2500) depending on transaction size for shareholders who sell their shares on EquityZen via a referral from a TechGC member.


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